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Week #6 – Pantry Boy, I was so enthusiastic earlier last week… The kids were out of the house, except one that is in a boot. I have been struggling with our storage for food. We have a closet in … Continue reading

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Week #4 – Organize Your Papers

Week 5 – Organize your papers (In the book these are located in Weeks 5 – 12) Before I begin with my blog’s entry, I haven’t quite kept up with the challenge as well I would have liked. I was … Continue reading

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Week #2: Kitchen Cupboards This week has been a rough one! I began the week with my husband not feeling well and trying to keep the house in some sort of order… a difficult task! The cupboards are filled! We … Continue reading

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Week #1: Organize your schedule

Before I begin, I would love to thank Jennifer for an amazing opportunity to work with a small group of women, all trying to organize their lives! I am hoping that through this challenge, we can encourage each other to … Continue reading

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Welcome to the 12 Week Organize Now Challenge!

Each week, with the help of Jennifer Ford Berry’s book “Organize now!”, I will be working on organizing my home (and life) and becoming clutter free!

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