Week #6 – Pantry

Boy, I was so enthusiastic earlier last week… The kids were out of the house, except one that is in a boot. I have been struggling with our storage for food. We have a closet in the basement that is large, my husband had put in metal shelving years ago. It has been a huge mess… buy extra food when it is on sale, bring it to the closet downstairs… forget that it is there, except for maybe the paper products. When there is some time, clear out the expired foods. It is an endless cycle which has caused us a loss of LOTS of money.

I have another closet off the kitchen before the bedrooms (we live in a bilevel home). I have used it for sheets and towels. It basically was a mess. I thought wouldn’t it be great to have a pantry – something small, for the foods that we use often… pastas, chips, sauces, etc. My daughter and I got to business – emptying out the sheets and towels that I had forgotten that I had. Two big bags to go through later! (I will be storing two sets of sheets for each bed in the bedrooms!) Towels, we have a nice shelving unit in our bedroom.

photo (12)

photo (11)

We then started to put in the foods that we needed to store. You will see that we are big fans of pasta, mac and cheese and my husband’s favorite, peanut butter! There is nothing wrong with a sale, but you have to use the food for it to save you money. We are beginning to find that out!!

photo (9)

I had bigger dreams this week, but life, again, has gotten in our way… it is slow and steady progress!!

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  1. Trina B says:

    We also don’t use our linen cupboard as a linen cupboard! It was earmarked and used for a time to store extra food, but when we had our last son I lost my sewing room – so now it’s my sewing cupboard and all of the food is back in the pantry. It looks really organised and easy to see all of the different items – I hope your new system will save you some $$ 🙂

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