Week #1: Organize your schedule

Before I begin, I would love to thank Jennifer for an amazing opportunity to work with a small group of women, all trying to organize their lives! I am hoping that through this challenge, we can encourage each other to be our best selves!! This is my first blog — I have made them for work, but not on something about me or for me… so I hope that you enjoy this!! Please keep me posted!!

I began the challenge by reading Week 3 – Organize Your Schedule.  I have HUGE issues with our schedule, being married, having three children with really busy schedules and working full time, I knew that this would be rough.  I began by thinking about a calendar to keep all the information that I needed to.  In the past, I would write things down all over the place, hoping that I would remember everything.  Usually, that meant, that I would forget to send in a special snack or a form to my daughters class, missing an appointment with the orthodontist or just getting off track! 

My goal for this week is to find a calendar that I can use.  I have not had huge success with a fully electronic model – I enjoy the paper copy… writing in pencil. 

This picture shows the full page – three days. I really like the length of the day that it shows!![/caption]It is the beginning of the year, so i can really look at what to use that would help me with my goal. 

I have tried all different models and this challenge has shown me that one with times, broken into smaller chunks is best for our lives. It has been increasingly more difficult to manage more or less, 5 calendars (put in the dog and we have 6!!!)

At the start of the week, I had tried to keep my school calendar, a family planner, a wall calendar, etc. I went to Staples and found a Daily Planner that was broken into weeks. Each dad had appointment times from 7am through 9pm. Many of my kids activities are all at night (i.e. basketball practice) however, many planners that I looked at had ceased at the end of the day — 6pm! So I picked up a Day Minder 2013 calendar. I LOVE it!!!

I color code my children’s activities. I entered in all the basketball practices, games and other daily/weekly activities. I put in my appointments. I have begun to put in my work schedule. As a teacher and administrator, I have alot of appointments that I have to maintain.

On Sunday last week, I began to list what dinners we were going to have for the week. On Monday, I did my food shopping. I have also decided to begin exercising again and watch what I eat — may have taken on too much!!

My to do list begins to get increasing longer each day — make appointments here and there for the kids — I typically remember when I am driving to work in the morning and then during the day I forget… sometimes I jot things down in the car, sometimes I am sure that I will remember, and I don’t.

So this week, I have begun to take some time out of my day, to think! To think about what is coming next rather than living in the moment — a little pre-planning. My husband just changed shifts at work, so we are still working on that schedule as well. It is difficult to preplan, especially since we haven’t had to do so… we seem to always be living on the run — running to each place, quick meals, always two steps behind. How many times have we all received that phone call of your child missing something important because you all did not plan ahead. We worked on remembering band lessons, chorus and having a ride, getting to practice 10 minutes early so we are not the last to arrive, having our sneakers packed when we have gym. If we can have my son remember to grab his breakfast off the counter before we left for the babysitter, that would be great!!!

This picture shows the full page - three days.  I really like the length of the day that it shows!!

This picture shows the full page – three days. I really like the length of the day that it shows!!

Day Planner #2

I am going to keep my planner going and we will see what happens!! Wish me luck and let’s see what happens as week 2 begins!!!

Week 2: Kitchen Cupboards!! This will be an adventure!!!

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1 Response to Week #1: Organize your schedule

  1. Trina B says:

    Wow that’s a great planner – I haven’t seen one like that before! Love the colour coding too – so easy to see at a glance 🙂 last year I was always missing appointments or kids school notes or even paying bills because I was so disorganised – not this year!!!

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